All You Need to Know About Fishing in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is one of the best fishing spots in the world. Surrounded by water and dotted with beautiful lakes, and veins of rivers which provide an abundance of fish species, you’ll find everything you could want. You’ll find that no where on the internet can you visually plan your next fishing trip like you can here at Mourneview House. Discover rivers, lakes, fisheries, shore fishing spots, tackle shops, fish recipes, tackle tips and more. Take the pain out of finding close by tackle shops, researching which bait and riggs to use. When you’ve chosen your spot and found your tackle shop along the way, just click on the directions tap and you’ll be on your way. Click the icons on the map to get started.

Licences and Permits

“If you are sea angling, you don’t need a licence or permit… unless you’re after salmon or sea trout, when you will need a game licence. For game fish you will also need to observe the bag limits and tagging practices of the fishery you are on. Fishing Northern Ireland’s public freshwaters for game or coarse fish means by law you will always need a rod licence issued in Northern Ireland. It’s straightforward to get one online and at local tackle shops and various distributors. For waters outside public control you will also need a permit from the owner, most often an angling club or private individual. A separate license and permit is needed for each additional rod. You cannot buy a permit or day ticket without a rod licence. ” Short term and tourist rod licence – here Buy licence permits and river bush day tickets – here For more information on licences and permits visit NI Direct.

How to Fillet & Cook Your Fish

Mackerel Recipe - Salted Mackerel

Catch More Fish With These Simple Tips

It’s the luck of draw, we got here on the wrong day, we were in the wrong place, that bait didn’t work today, try a different rigg. These don’t have to be statements you use. Learn to fish at the right time and improve your probability of catching more fish with these tips.

Understanding Tides & Fishing

Maximise the probability of having fishing for dinner tonight. Know when the tides are and how to fish them.

Solunar Theory; Catch More Fish.

You’ve probably heard about how full moons affect people. We’re not the only ones affected by the moon. Learn how moon cycles can catch you more fish.

Solarlunar Fishing Cycles

Fish like a pro! Follow the link and get up real time tide heights, lunar cycle, water temperatures and more.

2018 World Championships - Bank Fishing

The qualifications for the World Championships are held in Tandragee this year.  Our guests have traveled a long way to compete for qualification on to the National team. We wish them the best this year. They’re good at what they do. These lads also offer fishing trips throughout Ireland. Check out their Facebook page Tomi Guided Fishing, and get out and catch some fish with experienced professionals, just check out that Trout with one of his customers! Fishing in Northern Ireland? Going unguided? Why not plan your trip using our map above and book your stay with us.

We have some anglers staying with us in Mourneview House Bed & Breakfast tonight. They are attending the World...

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Fshing Tour Ireland

Predator – Team Ireland. Check them out here.

Thinking of a Fishing Break?

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