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A Countryside Bed and Breakfast With a Distinct Difference

Countryside Bed and Breakfast with a Distinct Difference

A Countryside Bed And Breakfast with A Distinct Difference

Welcome to the first Mournview House bed and breakfast blog post. You are likely to be here because you are on journey.

We too are on a Journey. Holly and I, Robbie. Like many, we find the world filled with its ups and downs, and one thing is for sure about a journey, it’s never complete. It’s always unfolding, and always “in the process” of arriving at an idealistic destination. Or, perhaps one, just a little kinder than the one before.

Although both of us are university graduates, we are actively pursuing a destination a little less travelled than most. We have opted out of climbing the ladder and obtaining jewels of financial and societal success. So we both run one man band businesses, by turning our hobbies into jobs. Candle making for Holly, and online marketing for myself.

Then our thoughts turned to how could we continue to be independent, pay bills and live a life around ways we would prefer, yet still integrate our ideas of simple living.

There’s an exchange that takes place here, and it’s a fair price both parties. As Mourneview House gives a spacious and luxurious feel and is accompanied by delicately inspirational view of the Mournes. And, you can reach many of Northern Ireland’s iconic attractions, just a short drive away.

All in all, it can also feel a bit weird staying in strangers home no matter how nice the amenities.

But, because we are business minded, we wanted to know how could we make the exchange better than “fair”, how could we give “mind blowing” exchange. One that gives you a sense of being cared for on your stay, one that entertains you, and one that provides all the comforts that you are accustomed to on your own journey.

So how do we give you everything you could want and also be adding value to our lives. Like your journey,  our journey of giving you everything you want is still in process. We have, however, put in motion a magical master plan to provide more to you than any other Bed and Breakfast could provide to you. That’s our mission.

Here it is, the magical plan. In the next few weeks you can expect to catch up on your training while you stay with us. The gym is power cage, bench and weights. ABed and Breakfast Gym power cage can be used to do absolutely anything you would like to do in a standard gym;  squats, bench press, shoulder press, clinges, jerks, pull ups, dips and much more.

Bed and Breakfast with GamesAs an Irish Bed and Breakast you can look forward to sharing time with family and friends while emersed in Irish culture, so get the family together and have a game of pool, darts,  play pub sized connect 4 or pub sized checkers. We’re turning our garage into a space that gives a  “small pub” feel. Imagine the fun and “craic” you’ll have competing with family or friends in some traditional games.

Hey, don’t worry about getting bored because there is still more fun to be had.

In the next couple of months we would like to build a jacuzzi which will be log burning for fuel with jacuzzi pumps energized from wind harnessed energy.  You’ll be able enjoy a sunet or sunrise outside in a steaming hot jacuzzi. You’ll relax, and wonder why should go back to your own life at all.

Should you wish a trip down memory lane or you feel a sudden wish to compose music, we have a paino, a few guitars, a drum kit and some other instruments for you to pick up and sing along to. Mourneview really is an ideal holiday home for a week or two.Self Catering with Piano & Guitar

Archery Range BBOutside we’ll be putting up an archery range. Expect to be aiming for targets near, far, small and large. If insurance permits we’ll even get a knife and hatchet target range. If you’re a camping or survival enthusiast, you’ll love the chance to practice your hunting on our range.

You’ll be provided, if you wish, a trail on a map which will bring you through the mournes and home again the following day to an Ulster Fry, and a nap if needed. Don’t worry about camping gear, we’ll provide the tent, stove, and other necessities.

Camping Gear RentalWe try to eat and live in a way that’s not detrimental to our world and ourselves. So we grow a portion of our own vegetables, and we purchase our meat from the kind farmers who care for their cattle in the rich pastures around our home ( Mourneview House ).

So here we are, trying to provide you everything you could possibly want. Including airport pick up, drop off’s, dog kennels and dog sitting for those who want to bring their close companion, almost, everywhere with them.

We really do hope to learn more about what you want on your stay at Mourneview House Bed and Breakfast, and who knows, perhaps your idea will bring joy to the many thousands of people who will venture again and again on a journey through Mourneview House.

You are welcome here. Write your book, paint the mournes, walk in mountains and ponder your next step in life, enjoy the hot tub and indulge because you deserve it, play golf, drink and be merry. Take that respite for a week because you want it, or come with your band and write your next album.

Come experience Mourneview House, you won’t be dissapionted. We’re a countryside Bed and Breakfast in Northern Ireland with a distinct difference!

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